The McPherson Pipeliners are in a jam after losing three of the last five games. The last two were on the road and were league games. Both losses also came after gaining a comfortable lead in the early innings. It will later result in a mental break down defensively.

"They (Pipeliners) understand how critical to win these games," head coach Caleb Hartman said. "I know we're five games in, but I don't want look at it as five games a learning curve because it's not. These guys know what they are suppose to do and they know how to do it."

They have one more game as they will face the Wellington Heat on Friday, June 8. According to Hartman, Wellington is a nationally ranked team that has winning success in its baseball club. However, Hartman is still confident that his Pipeliners are capable of taking the Heat. For Hartman, it's going take his Pipeliners to execute the three aspects of the game he raves about all season long.

"I think we're better than they are," Hartman said. "I think we can compete. We just got to throw strikes, field ground balls and make, plays and we got to hit the ball. If we don't win two out of the three, we're going to lose another game."

"At this point we're not teaching anything, we're coaching, and we're perfecting the little stuff," Hartman continued. "It's mental, it's all mental. If you're not prepared mentally you have no reason to be on the field."

First pitch against the Heat will be at 7 p.m. The Pipeliners will be back at home to face the Kansas Cannons on Saturday, June 9 at 7 p.m. at the Light Capital Stadium.

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