There's a new guy in town coming straight outta Tucson, Arizona. His name is Cody Carpenter, who highly recommended by his long-time friend and McPherson's pitchers Liam Rosebeck.

"They took me in really well," Carpenter said. "They picked me up from Wichita. I moved in with Liam's (Rosebeck) host family, and they just took me right in. His host family does really well. They just took me in like I was one of their own. It was very welcoming that helped me really well."

Carpenter made his debut as the starting outfielder for the Pipeliners, and he made quite an impression on McPherson's head coach Caleb Hartman, knowing that he needed someone to replace the Peterson twins after they committed to the University of Missouri in late June.

"So far so good, I'm really glad he came along," Hartman. "We've got lucky coming with him coming out of Arizona on short notice. The Petersons are gone, and those are some big shoes to fill.

"He's got a lot of the tools. He's fast, runs the base well. We're going to work him in as fast as we can, and figure out the best spot for him, and we go from there,"

The pressure started to set in against the Park City Rangers. Carpenter knew how much of an impact the Peterson brothers had on the team defensively and at the plate.

"I was a little bit nervous going into the game because I knew that they commit to a new school, so I was nervous," Carpenter said. I had big shoes to fill because everyone was talking about how good they were, so that was a little weight on my shoulders.

Despite the nerves, he still managed to hit a three-run homer, a double and recording four RBIs in two of his four at-bats in game one that led to a 9-4 victory over the Rangers. He wanted to hit another homer in his last two at-bats but was struck out twice.

"That one home run was in the back of my head the whole game," Carpenter said. So I just got really long with my swing, and was trying to go yard the whole game. So, it is what it is."

After a strong performance in game one against the Rangers, he started as the leadoff batter in game two, and might be more to come for next three weeks McPherson has left in Summer ball.

Not so Clear in Clearwater: As the Pipeliners reached the early month of July, they are looking to make a push with 15 games left in a three-week span. The Pipeliners are 7-10 in their league are sitting in third place behind the Kansas Cannons with 6.5 games out.

The Pipeliners were able to get wins in each of the teams in their league except one, the Clearwater Outlaws. The Pipeliners will be heading back to Clearwater to face the Outlaws on Tuesday, July 3. The Outlaws are 5-13 in the league, making them the worst team in the division. For McPherson, this will be their third face off with the Outlaws, and if they want to stay on the hunt, they can't go winless against a team with five league wins.

"I think that's my biggest frustration now," Hartman said. "I'm a very passionate guy and emotional person. It kills me that' we've beaten every single team besides Clearwater, and we just beat up on people.

Hartman knows how good the Pipeliners can be, but consistency is their worst enemy. On Monday against the Rangers, they put up nine runs and 11 hits in game one of their doubleheader matchup. In game two, they were shut out and only had one hit, which was in the bottom of the first half.

"You win one and lose one. We won 9-4, and we can't score a single run tonight," Hartman said. "It just ticks me off because the guys are so much better than that. We put up 18, 19 hits against better pitching. What do you do? The guys are tired, but we're running through the later half of the season, and we just have to figure it out. If not, we could kiss the post season goodbye.

First Pitch against the Outlaws will start at 7 p.m.