WICHITA— The McPherson Pipeliners were at Newman University on Monday as they faced the Kansas Cannons in a doubleheader matchup. The Cannons escaped with both wins, continuing the losing streak for the Pipeliners with 10.

Game One: Kansas Cannons 4 McPherson Pipeliners 3

The Pipeliners came just short in game one after three quick outs in the top of the seven. The Cannons took game one 4-3. The Cannons was on the board after the Pipeliners committed an error, leading to a one-run score. They would follow up with an RBI single to make it 2-0 in the bottom of the first.

The Pipeliners responded back with three runs in the top third led by an RBI from Carson Davis and two RBIs from Nick Roets. McPherson went scoreless for the rest of the game, giving the Cannons the opportunity to tie the ball game the next inning after a wild pitch by Tyler Kisner, who started on the mound in game one and lasting four innings with four strikeouts, five walks, and two errors. After tying the game in the bottom third, the Cannons regained the lead in the bottom fifth with a one-run score. Despite the defensive efforts from both sides, the Cannons escaped with the victory. Troy Carrigan led the Pipeliners with two doubles.

"We're not performing to the best of our abilities," Pipeliners' assistant coach Taylor Werts said. "We've just can't put in a error-free game together. It's all a mental thing at this point with everything."

Game Two: Kansas Cannons 5 McPherson Pipeliners 0

The Pipeliners saw nothing but zeroes in game two as the Cannons shut them out 5-0 to complete the doubleheader.

After three scoreless innings, the Cannons picked up a two-run homer from their outfielder Connor Hurst to take the first lead in the bottom of the fourth, and two RBI singles in the fifth from catcher Kyle Gaura and infielder Blake Carroll.

Blaine Hanf was the starting pitcher for the Pipeliners. He lasted five 1/3 innings after giving up the last two runs. Corey Steward stepped in as the reliever for the Pipeliners. He also replaced Kisner during game one as well. However, the McPherson ended the fifth inning giving up five runs in three hits.

Dominick Trevino had two singles in three at bat. Steward pitched three strikeouts after replacing Hanf, who had one strikeout, two walks and giving up eight hits.

This marks the Pipeliners' 20th loss in their league. With frustrations and disappointment from the roster, McPherson are looking to move forward and get through the final eight games in a one-week span.

"There's not much we can say at this point that's going to affect them," Werts said. "I feel like we've waited all out at this point. It's up to them to decide how they want to end the game this season. "We've tried to do different things, and we're trying to do different things right now to get them up and ready to go for the ball games and get them ready to compete."

The Pipeliners will meet with the Cannons again on Tuesday night at home to complete their series. First pitch will start at 7 p.m.

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