It wasn't the finish the McPherson High School boys soccer team wanted, but the Bullpups, led by the Jamie Boys, were able to get the 2-1 win over Rose Hill School and improve their record of 5-1 on Tuesday.

Jael Jamie and Samie Jamie, both cousins, were the leading scorers for the Bullpups. Samie scored the first goal with the assist from Britton Haigh before reaching the 28-minute mark. Even though it was 1-0 in the first half, the Bullpups were in control.

In the top of the second half, the Bullpups didn't waste any time scoring their second goal as Jael launches a long kick at the 20-yard line. Not the farthest kick he made in his career, but it was one of his most impressive kicks so far this season.

"I saw the goal keeper coming out, and I just shot it," Jael said.

The Rockets were down, but not out. Rose Hill remained competitive all in the second half when the game got more physical. After reaching the 13-minute mark, the Rockets scored their first goal of the night after the ball leaped over Bullpups goalkeeper Nathan Lloyd, leaving the goal post exposed and giving Rose Hill's Brian Firebaugh the opportunity for a wide open shot.

"We just let them hang around during the game, and we kept giving them really dangerous opportunities on those free kicks," Bullpups head coach Chris Adrian said. "That's where they're really strong. They got big guys, and their keeper can kick really far, and we just played right into their hands like that, and that's how they got their goal."

The Bullpups recorded eight shots on goal. Only scoring two, the Bullpups had opportunities to put away the Rockets earlier as Adrian wanted to score one more time to close the deal. While for the Rockets, they had chances of tying the ball game in the final 10-minutes of the second half, and yet, McPherson dodged the bullet.

"We had a chance to really finish that game off and get that third goal," Adrian said. "It was a great start in the second half with Jael (Jamie) coming out, stealing the ball and chipping the goal keeper. We needed to just then take that momentum, and the next five minutes to get that third goal."

At the 5-1, the Bullpups are looking improve in finishing and staying aggressive on defense as McPherson gets ready for a tough game stretch coming up starting on Thursday against the undefeated Salina Central High School (6-0),

"We just got to stay composed in the back, and stay in shape," Samie said. "Also not pushing up so far. When we see other teams stay up with all their attackers, we got to stay in shape."

Kickoff will be on Thursday, Sept. 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the McPherson Stadium.

JV boys soccer receives first win over Rose Hill:

The McPherson junior varsity boys soccer team picked up their win of the year after shutting out Rose Hill's JV team 1-0. Joel Hendricks gave the Bullpups their only goal of the night after reaching the Seven-minute mark in the second half. The Bullpups recorded six shots on goal. Daniel Valadez recorded two saves as the starting goalkeeper. or follow him on Twitter @Petes_Picks_or our sports page @MacCountySports