LINDSBORG—The Smoky Valley High School football team has been awarded McPherson Sentinel's Team of the Week after shutting out Haven High School on the road and putting up at least 40 points for the second-straight week.

"There's a lot of good teams, and of course it's only the second week out here, but we are honored to be 2-0 , and we're playing pretty well at times, so we're just excited to continue with the season and see how good we can get," Vikings head coach Tim Lambert said after receiving the award.

The Vikings, at 2-0, has outscored their last two opponents 90-7. The offense is clicking and so is the defense. The main reason for the Vikings' early success is their experience.

"We have a lot of kids that played a lot Friday nights. We have a lot of experience," Lambert said."That can get you the reason why we're doing so well in the past two games. We have to continue to get better, and we're not as good where we need to be right now. There's still a lot of work to do."

Despite looking like an unstoppable team, Lambert is still not satisfied and believes his Vikings are not where they need to be. He hasn't said what his team needs to work on when asked about it, but he wants his players to be twice as better than their last game.

"We need to get better at everything," Lambert said. "I don't think there's anything that we're rolling in all cylinders. I think we can be better all across the board. That doesn't mean we're bad, but it means we have to be better."

Lambert also didn't state which of his players stood out to him the most, not even his son and starting running back, Tim Lambert, who rushed for 135 yards last week against Haven. He does make sure that his players don't take anything for granted and keep improving every week.

"We got kids who can play, not one in particular, but I think we're doing pretty good in the second week of the season," Lambert said. "We just got to stay humble, and we got to stay hungry as far as getting better in getting your plays in."

The Vikings have their focus on Nickerson High School this coming Friday at Nickerson. Despite the Panthers being 0-2, losing to both Hoisington High School 28-14, and Halstead 22-7, Lambert believes the Panthers are good than what they're getting credit for and will keep their guard up on Friday.

"Nickerson is probably the best team we night play all year, in what we've played so far," Lambert said. "They got beat by two good football teams in Hoisington and Halstead. If they correct their mistakes, they could be a really good football team."

"They got some guys who have talent, who can play and run the football well," Lambert noted. "We just got to be discipline defensively, and offensively I expect a dog fight or one big battle for them."

Kickoff at Nickerson will be at 7 p.m. at Nickerson High School.

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