Last weekend, the Central Christian College women's wrestling team made their debut Jacksonville, Illinois to compete MacMurray College Open. Three of the six girls o the roster finished in the top ten in their weight class. Not bad all-freshmen roster. For head coach Don Schreimann, he is excited for what's to come in the future for his Lady Tigers.

Going into their first collegiate match, of course, there were nerves. Even with the intense practice and preparations before traveling to Jacksonville. However, Schreimann and his assistant coach and son, Dan, made sure that their nerves are throw out the window, knowing that the fact that match opener does not count team points.

"Coach Dan put them in a really good warm up, and got them relaxed, and I think he did a awesome job getting them mentally prepared," Schreimann said. "Just to let them go out and have fun. Basically we treated as advanced practice."

It worked well for the Lady Tigers led by Texas native and former state qualifier Seline Avila, who finished second in the 116-pound weight class.

"I was really pleased for her because she wrestled great, Schriemann said. "We went out, and wrestled extremely well."

Pella Wisnioski had the toughest challenged of the day when wrestled at 155 pounds. In result, she took fourth.

"That one, I thought, was the toughest bracket of the day," Schriemann said. "It had a bunch of top-quality young ladies, but she still managed to get fourth. It was awesome for her. She wrestled six matches in a five-hour time framed. I don't think I ever did that when I was wrestling."

Citiali Palafox, a former all-american, took six in the 109-pound wight class.

The women's wrestling program was proposed two years ago when current men's wrestling coach Tom Carr, who brought it up to Schriemann's attention. After going through the progression with the athletic department, administration and one full-year of recruiting state-to-state, the Lady Tigers' wrestling program was born in the fall of this year.

"Coach Carr called me and said the Central Christian College are thinking of adding women's wrestling. So, I was like, man, count me in," Schriemann said. "So I visited the administration, and the athletic director, and then last year going around the United States. I went to California, Texas, Iowa, you just name the state, I was there. I was just introducing myself and program looking for girls that wants to come to a school with a really good Christian background with a good work ethic and I think I found some blue chips."

He doesn't have to look too far as he hopes to pick up a few girls from Kansas, especially McPherson. While he was coaching at Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri, Schriemann signed two girls from McPherson, after connecting with current wrestling head coach Doug Kretzer.

After the results of the Lady Tigers' first match, Schriemann showed more confidence in his freshman girls and is looking forward to developing them for the next three-years while continuing recruiting the best females that he can.

"The way women's wrestling is growing, right now, people just come out of the blue and boom and here we got a wrestling program. It's pretty exciting," Schriemann said. "I hope that they know that we're going to develop championship wrestling at this school. You can see the look of the freshman that they bought in into it."

"I think it is important to find the girls that's going to be a fit to our school. I look for girls with a character," Schriemann said "Girls that I know that have a strong work ethic because it's a grind, going to practice, practicing, making sure that you are controlling your weight, it takes a special kind of person to do that."

The Lady Tigers will head over to Waldorf University to compete in Forest City, Iowa on Saturday, Nov.10.

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