The Central Christian College of Kansas men's wrestling team took on a very tough Bethany College team in their first home wrestling duel of the season. The Swedes showed what it means to be one of the better wrestling teams in the nation, a team that made it to the NAIA National Tournament last year, as they shutout the Tigers 42-0.

125 Tye Paluso vs Logan McDowell

The first match of the night started out in a stalemate, with neither wrestler recording a point, until Paluso got a takedown with just over 30 seconds left to take the 2-0 lead, with McDowell escaping to get one point back. Paluso started the second period in the down position, escaping at the 1:30 mark for his third point and the 3-1 lead. McDowell immediately recovered with a takedown for the 3-3 tie, taking control of the match and swung the riding time heavily in his favor in the second period. Paluso chose to start the third period on the bottom, but was unable to swing it back in his favor as McDowell got a near fall for the 5-3 lead with 25 seconds left in the final period, and then sealed his victory with a 4-point near fall with time running out, including the one point for riding time, taking the 10-3 win.

133 Nick Burks vs Taylor Holman

Terrell Bannuelos was a late scratch for the Tigers, so freshman Nick Burks stepped up to battle the more experienced Taylor Holman, a junior for the Swedes. Holman started the match off with a two-point takedown early, then a four-point near fall to follow it up. With a minute left in the period, Holman collected another four point near fall, then took the match with a fall with 8 seconds left in the round.

141 Caden Emmot vs Caysen Smith

Smith started off with a two-point takedown, followed by a one-point escape for Emmot. Smith then received a point for a punching violation by Emmot. With just under 10 seconds to go in the first period, Smith got another takedown for the 5-1 lead. Emmot started the second period with another escape to make it 5-2, but Smith got another takedown to push the lead back to 7-2. Another escape by Emmot made it 7-3, but gave the point back to Smith with another violation. Emmot then recovered with a takedown of his own right at the buzzer to make it 8-5 heading into the final period. Smith immediately escaped from the down position to start the third to make it 9-5, but Emmot got it right back with another takedown for two points but Smith immediately escaped to make it 10-7. The final seconds of the match was hectic, as both wrestlers knew that the result was still up for grabs. Another takedown by Emmot made it 10-9, then a reversal by both sides made it 12-11, but then Smith escaped for the 13-11, gained the superior position, and closed out the match with a takedown to take the win 15-11.

149 Open vs Thomas Hawkins

Travis Weatherhead was a scratch for the Tigers, giving the Swedes the forfeit at 149.


Neither team had a wrestler at 157.

165 David Taylor vs Brandon Archuleta

Archuleta led things off with a takedown for the 2-0 lead, with Archuleta remaining in control for the remainder of the period, but neither wrestler were able to make any moves. He then started the second period with an immediate escape to make it 3-0. It was a stalemate for most of the second period, until Archuleta recorded another takedown to make it 5-0. Archuleta continued to control the match with another takedown in the third period to make it 7-0. Archuleta closed out the match with a near fall and another point for riding time made it 10-0 win for Archuleta, shutting out sophomore Tiger David Taylor.

174 Tyler Estep vs Zach Gadbois

Gadbois started the match with a take down and a two-point near fall for the 4-0 lead, Estep escaped to get one point back. Gadbois then recorded a four-point near fall with just over a minute left in the round for the 8-1 lead, then ended the round with another four points to make it 12-1. Gadbois starting round two down, then immediately escaped for another point. Gadbois then got another point thanks to stalling by Estep, followed by two-point takedown on the restart for the 16-1 technical fall.

184 Open vs Joshua Wilson

Another forfeit by the Tigers for six more points for the Swedes.

197 Garrett Gibson vs Dustin Mason

Mason opened with a takedown on Gibson for the quick 2-0 lead. Gibson then got his escape with 1:15 on the clock to make it 2-1, followed by another takedown by Mason to make it 4-1. Gibson escaped on the restart to make it 4-2. Mason got his third takedown in the opening period with 20 seconds on the clock it make it 6-2. Starting the second period Gibson escaped from the down position to make it 6-3. Mason continued to rack up the takedowns with his fourth to make it 8-3. Mason started the third period with an escape to make it 9-3. With riding time, Mason took the match 10-3.

285 Logan Clark vs Trey Mason

The final match of the night started even, with neither wrestler recording a point in the first period. Mason started in the down position for the second period, then recorded the first two points with a reversal, taking a 2-0 lead, then immediately taking the advantage and winning the match with a fall.

Final Score: Tigers 0 – Swedes 42

"We wrestled a very tough team in Bethany tonight. When you're facing a team with five top-20 guys, you have to expect a fight," Coach Tom Carr commented. "While things didn't go our way, we have made steps that are reflected in how close the matches were. We are blessed to have a team in McPherson County like Bethany that sets a high bar. Individually, Tye Paluso and Caden Emmot wrestled tough matches against top-20 guys. I am looking forward to seeing how they respond and improve for the rest of the season."

The Tigers will hit the road this weekend to participate in the Wayland Baptist University Open down in Plainview, TX. The tournament will take place on Saturday, Dec.1st.