MOUNDRIDGE—Payton Froese of the Inman High School boys basketball team had 1,000 reasons to be excited after Teutons' 53-30 win over Lyons High School on Thursday, where he accomplished a long-time goal of scoring his 1,000th points in his career after shooting 19 points, which is how many he needed to get.

After the win, Froese was unaware that he scored his 1000th points, thinking that he came just short until he was told otherwise. For the senior who started all four years as a Teuton, it was an accomplishment he wanted from the moment he first put on the uniform.

"I felt pretty good. I mean I thought I was short. That was definitely the goal that I had since my freshman year," Froese said. "Ever since I was a little kid watching high school basketball, being able to hit that accomplishment this early in the season is a pretty good feeling. "

Being a coach's son, nobody couldn't be prouder than his father and Inman's head coach Brett Froese.

"He's been starting since he was a freshman, and sometimes it is tough when you're coaching you're own kid, and he's playing a lot," Coach Froese said. "He has a mindset and toughness to him in coming down the floor, turn it over, make a bad play, then he comes right back with a steal."

It didn't come easy for Froese and the Teutons because Lyons kept it a competitive game. It was until the benching of Mason Thiessen because of foul troubles, Froese knew he had to step it up a notch despite not be a big-time scorer.

"He's not very known, his whole life, as a scorer, but he can step up and do that. When Mason (Thiessen) got into foul trouble, we needed him to step up, and he did exactly what we needed him to do. He deserves it because of the time he puts in," Coach Froese said.

What was even more special for the senior, is that his family from out of town, came by to visit him and watch him play.

"Just seeing them up in the crowd when I did hit that accomplishment, it was really nice to have a family there. They are really important to me," Froese said.

With that out of the way, Froese and his Teutons will now have their focus on Moundridge High School in the finale of the Moundridge Preseason Tournament on Friday night at 7:30 p.m.

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