HUTCHINSON – Despite being without one of their top swimmers and competing against much larger schools and teams, the McPherson High School’s boys swimming team continued to dominate as they traveled to Hutchinson on Tuesday and scored a dominating 163-point victory.

For the other five teams at the meet, it must have felt like a tsunami as the Bullpups took victories in seven of the eleven events they had entries in. In addition to the golds, McPherson placed at least two entries in the top six of 10 events and three in the top six in five of those.

Team wise, the Bullpups rang up 419 points in the meet to finish an unbelievable 163-points ahead of second-place Dodge City who scored 256. Host Hutchinson placed third with 224.

McPherson didn’t waste any time as they placed first (with the quartet of Will Powers, Matt Powers, Rhys Vanderhoof and Dawson VanGoethem), fourth and sixth in the opening 200 Medley Relay. Overall the Bullpups also scored gold medals in the 200 Individual Medley, 100 Butterfly, 500 Freestyle, 200 Freestyle Relay, 100 Breaststoke and the 400 Freestyle Relay.

All this was done without one of the Bullpups top swimmers as Justus Hampton who was unavailable for the meet.

Will Powers led the way individually by scoring double individual gold in the 200 Individual Medley and 100 Butterfly to go along with his leg on the 200 Medley Relay win. Will’s win in the 200 IM also broke his previous school record. Also gaining gold were Dawson Van Goethem in the 100 Breaststroke and Matt Powers in the 500 Freestyle.

“A strong first place finish for the Pups this afternoon,” noted Head Coach Matt Morrow. “There were six teams at this meet, only one of which we had swam against this year. We were short one swimmer, so for this meet we had some guys in different events and our relays had some different people in them as well, but everyone stepped up.”

Speaking of the relays, besides the opening win the quartets taking gold in the other two were Dawson VanGoethem, Rhys Vanderhoof and the Powers brothers in the 200 Freestyle Relay, while the Steinert brothers (Simon and Silas) swam the first and fourth leg of the gold winning 400 Freestyle Relay to end the meet with Zach LeBlanc and Rece Reiman swimming legs two and three.

“The depth of our win really equates to the way we placed so many in the points,” added Coach Morrow during his post-meet reflections. “Our younger swimmers are really starting to see the benefit of stepping out of their comfort zone and swimming some tough events to get points for the team.”

Looking ahead to a busy week, Coach Morrow concluded his reflections by saying, “Salina on Thursday should be a good test for the guys. Andover and Andover Central will be there plus I think Salina has some strong swimmers this year.”

As Coach Morrow mentioned, the Bullpup swimmers jump right back into the competitive pool on Thursday in Salina where they will match up against Salina Central, Derby, Andover Central and Andover.

Team Scoring: 1. McPherson – 419, 2. Dodge City – 256, 3. Hutchinson – 224, 4. Garden City – 164, 5. Liberal – 95, 6. Wichita Classical – 93.

Bullpup Individual Results at Hutchinson:

200 Medley Relay: 1. Bullpup ‘A’ team (Will Powers, Matt Powers, Rhys Vanderhoof, Dawson VanGoethem) 1:48.48; 4. Bullpup ‘B’ team (Rece Reiman, Logan Ediger, Zach LeBlanc, Silas Steinert) 1:58.61; 6. Bullpup ‘C’ team (Alex Houston, Ethan Burger, Riley Shelton, Jan Crnkovic) 2:07.28.

200 Freestyle: 4. Cody Achilles 2:10.36; 5. Gage Stafford 2:12.82; 8. Logan Ediger 2:17.94.

200 Individual Medley: 1. Will Powers 2:04.91; 2. Silas Steinert 2:17.14; 4. Rhys Vanderhoof 2:21.81.

50 Freestyle: 2. Dawson VanGoethem 23.37; 7. Zach LeBlanc 25.56; 8. Simon Steinert 25.68; 9. Wesley Wurm 26.91; 15. Jan Crnkovic 29.12.

100 Butterfly: 1. Will Powers 56.09; 4. Rhys Vanderhoof 1:01.12; 9. Gage Stafford 1:11.52; 10. Riley Shelton 1:13.13.

100 Freestyle: 4. Zach LeBlanc 56.60; 6. Cody Achilles 58.31; 10. Alex Houston 1:03.85; 12. Ethan Burger 1:08.45; 17. Jan Crnkovic 1:13.02.

500 Freestyle: 1. Matt Powers 5:27.67; 4. Rece Reiman 6:01.02; 6. Wesley Wurm 6:19.59.

200 Freestyle Relay: 1. Bullpup ‘A’ team (Dawson VanGoethem, Rhys Vanderhoof, Matt Powers, Will Powers) 1:35.94; 4. Bullpup ‘B’ team (Gage Stafford, Cody Achilles, Logan Ediger, Wesley Wurm) 1:50.27.

100 Backstroke: 2. Silas Steinert 1:01.46; 3. Simon Steinert 1:02.86; 4. Rece Reiman 1:04.94; 7. Riley Shelton 1:10.47; 8. Alex Houston 1:11.95.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Dawson Van Goethem 1:08.05; 2. Matt Powers 1:13.29; 6. Ethan Burger 1:17.86; 7. Logan Ediger 1:19.30.

400 Freestyle Relay: 1. Bullpup ‘A’ team (Simon Steinert, Zach LeBlanc, Rece Reiman, Silas Steinert) 3:50.22; 3. Bullpup ‘B’ team (Gage Stafford, Riley Shelton, Cody Achilles, Wesley Wurm) 4:06.95.

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