Fresh off of winning the Mid America Classic, you might think the McPherson High School girls basketball team will be tired after playing three-straight game, right? Wrong. The Lady Pups begin their playoff back at the Roundhouse when they pounded Wichita Collegiate High School, 55-17.

Shots weren't flying for the Lady Pups, but McPherson's defense has been effective as they have been recorded a total of 20 steals off full-court press against the Lady Spartans,

The Lady Pups started the game with a 6-0 lead. The Lady Pups was 0-for-9 from behind the arc in the first half, and even not making one free throw until the fourth quarter. Wichita Collegiate made their first field goal shot with less than a minute left. They will then make a three-pointer right after.

It remained a low-scoring game for both teams, but the Lady Pups still held a 14-7 lead, despite not making a three. Wichita Collegiate didn't make any basket, which led to be down 26-9. Lakyn Schieferecke has been attacking the paint for the Lady Pups as she's reached double figures early on. The Bullpups finished the quarter scoring six straight points in transition. The Bullpups outscored Wichita Collegiate 15-2, making it 26-9 at halftime.

"I thought defensively, overall, we were pretty good. We could've had better rotations at times. We give a lot of tips and steals,but we knew we could do that," Strathmn said. "What we weren't doing is converting off one of those, especially in the first half. It was too many times we got steals, but didn't convert, and even got steals and turned it right back over, because we were such a hurry in scoring quickly."

McPherson continued to dominate in the second half, while the Lady Spartans couldn't find any shot against the Lady Pups' defense. Cassidy Beam and Jaycee Burghart finally gave the Bullpups them three 3-pointers after not making in all night. Wichita Collegiate has not made any basket throughout the third quarter. McPherson led 42-10 at the third.

"We took some good shot. A lot of inside out, penetration kicks. Those were good shots, but they were not doing, period," Strathman said. Kasidy and Jaycee got one late, so that's god, but overall it was not a good night from the perimeter. Fortunately we were able to get enough buckets inside and out of transition to widen the gap."

Cassie Cooks has been spectacular from the paint. She went 4-for-5 from inside the paint in the second half. She led McPherson with 14 points.

"She did a good job finishing. She got some good inside touches. The guards been giving it to her, which is good," Strathman said about Cooks. "She just been doing a good job of gathering herself, pump faking, and going up and score. She had a good game tonight."

Schieferecke was the second leading scorer with nine points and four steals.

The Bullpups improved 12-1 of the season. Four of the next five games will be on the road for McPherson. It begins at Andale High School on Friday at 6 p.m.

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