SALINA – It was long, but highly productive day on Thursday for the McPherson High bowling teams as they competed in the State Regionals sponsored by Sacred Heart in Salina.

The productive part one was the Bullpup boys bowling team finishing second in the team standings while having three bowlers finish in the top ten, thus qualifying the full team for the State Bowling Tournament on Thursday, Feb. 28 in Wichita at North Rock Lanes.

The productive part two came when despite finishing fifth in the team standings, the Lady Bullpups had two bowlers, Brooke Miller and Haylee Busch, earn a trip to the State Tournament as individuals.

“It was a long day but very productive from a team standpoint,” Bullpup noted Head Coach Herb Halinski. “It was the best tournament of the year for all of them to work together as a team. Both the girls and boys worked together and supported each other very much.”

For the Bullpup boys, the team rolled a team score of 3,266 to finish second behind Salina South who had 3,342 and just ahead of Great Bend with 3,195. Wichita Heights, Salina Central and Valley Center rounded out the top six of the twelve teams bowling in the regionals. Other teams bowling were Buhler, Newton, Wichita Collegiate, Sacred Heart, Hutchinson Trinity and Holcomb.

Individually, the Bullpup boys bowled over 200 six times and landed three bowlers within the top seven in the individual standings. Dylan Krehbiel had a huge day rolling a 224 and 244 in his first two sets before finishing out with a 182 for a total of 650 which was good for third place.

The other two Bullpups in the top seven were Matt Stiggins who also rolled two 200-plus sets and finishing sixth overall with a 166-254-214 for a total of 634. Taylor Miller advanced his totals in each set with a 185-194-247 to end up with 626 which was good for seventh in the individual competition. Tytin Goebel, who finished with a day total of 582 also rolled a 200-plus set when he hit 215 in his second set of the day.

Speaking of the boys run on the day, Coach Halinski added, “I was extremely proud of each and everyone of the boys. They listened well all day long and supported each other. We watched the lane transitions and were able to keep up with it. While there were individual medalists, I am looking at it as a team victory and each and everyone of them contributed. There are a few things we need to work on this week to improve, but just getting to the state tournament as a team is an awesome feeling for the boys.”

For the Lady Bullpups, they finished fifth overall in the team standings with a 2,448 total. Salina South took the girls championship with a 3,189, while Buhler (2,801), Great Bend (2,711) and Valley Center (2,457) finished ahead of McPherson. Other teams represented at the regionals girls tournament were Salina Central, Newton, Wichita Heights, Hutchinson Trinity, Wichita Collegiate, Holcomb and Sacred Heart.

Individually, despite the girls as a team not qualifying, both Brooke Miller and Haylee Busch made the state tournament by virtue of being among the top six bowlers not on any of the top three teams that qualified for state as a team.

Coach Halinski talked about the Lady Bullpups as he concluded his post-meet reflections and said, “I am so excited for Brooke (Miller), who is a senior to bowl at state. She has watched the boys the last couple of years but never got to participate. Haylee (Busch) is just a freshman and never experienced anything like this before. It will be exciting and nervous for them all at once next week.”

For Brooke and Haylee, the girls state tournament will begin at 8:25 a.m. next Thursday, February 28th at North Rock Lanes in Wichita with a ‘parade tournament will begin at 8:50 a.m.

The Bullpup boys will have their ‘parade of athletes’ at 1:15 p.m. before their tournament starts at 1:40 p.m.

Bullpup State Regional Individual Results:

Bullpup Boys:

Dylan Krehbiel bowled a 224-244-182 for 650 and finished 3rd.

Matt Stiggins bowled a 166-254-214 for 634 and finished 6th.

Taylor Miller bowled a 185-194-247 for 626 and finished 7th.

Tytin Goebel bowled a 198-215-169 for 582 and finished 16th.

Blake Snyder bowled a 182-191-168 for 541 and finished 27th.

JC Becker bowled a 174-145-142 for 461 and finished 57th.

Lady Bullpups:

Brooke Miller bowled a 175-130-168 for 473 and finished 18th.

Haylee Busch bowled a 160-190-122 for 472 and finished 20th.

Kylee Busch bowled a 141-181-116 for 438 and finished 26th.

Naomy Aguilar bowled a 149-139-129 for 417 and finished 33rd.

Heidi Allen bowled a 102-151-142 for 395 and finished 43rd.

Birkley Schwartz bowled a 117-1030137 for 357 and finished 51st.

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