LINCOLN, NEB.—The Swedes women's tennis team started their season this Saturday in Nebraska. After falling 9-0 to Concordia University, Bethany was able to pick up a match win before falling 8-1 to Hastings College.

Concordia – 9, Bethany – 0

"In the short time with a lot new faces, there are some positives to be drawn from this match. The women's played hard and compete. I am proud of them for not quitting and getting discourages when the match became one sided."


1 Marlene Meier/Claudia Viera CU def. Ivona Vojvodic/Mia Novakovic BC 8-0

2 Concordia won forfeit

3 Concordia won forfeit


1. Marlene Maier CU def. Laura Piracun BC 8-0

2. Kirsten Wagner CU def. Ivona Vojvodic BC 8-2

3. Allison Marshall CU def. Mia Novakovic BC 8-0

4. Concordia won forfeit

5. Concordia won forfeit

6. Concordia won forfeit

Hastings – 8, Bethany - 1

The Swedes earned one point when Laura Piracun defeated Megan Waterhouse in the number one singles match.

"Laura played well today from start to finish and was very focused in singles. Today I saw improvement from Ivona and Mia. This is a process and we have a long season to work to get better," Bethany head coach, Larry Holmes said.


1. Megan Waterhouse/Kelsey Flaherty HC def. Ivona Vojvodic/Mia Novakovic BC 8-0

2. Hastings won forfeit

3. Hastings won forfeit


1.Laura Piracun BC def. Megan Waterhouse HC 8-1

2. Megan Petr HC def. Ivona Vojvodic BC 8-0

3. Camilla Lee HC def. Mia Novakovic BC 8-0

4.Hastings won forfeit

5. Hastings won forfeit

6. Hastings won forfeit