SALINA – Once again the McPherson High girls swim team has proved that you don’t have to have a home pool to be a winner as they scored another first-place finish on Thursday at the Salina South Invitational.

By placing a Lady Bullpup swimmer in either first or second-place for about ten of the eleven events, McPherson rolled up 580 team points to slip by Newton to take the team championship by just 14 points as Newton finished second with 566. Salina Central and Salina South rounded out the top four of the seven teams competing.

The quartet of Karik Elliott, Kaylie Ryan, Ellie Brumbaugh and Helyana Mader got the Lady Bullpups off to a great start by winning the 200 Medley Relay in the invite’s opening race. McPherson then followed up with a one-two finish in the second event as Marissa Pearcy won the 200 Freestyle and Avery Vanderwege took second, while Mader finished up in fourth. Macie Carlson was the other gold medalist on the day by winning the 100 Butterfly.

“This group of girls continues to impress me at every meet we go to,” Lady Bullpup Head Coach Abby Bradstreet said, “The Salina meet was a bit smaller meet so we were able to move the girls around and let some of them swim events they wouldn’t normally be able to do. It was fun to watch them today as we had several best times, a few new state consideration times and so many top finishes.”

Speaking of a few individual swimmers, Coach Bradstreet concluded her reflections by adding, “Marissa (Pearcy), Kierstan (Trost) and Karik (Elliott) really stood out today with their swims. They all took time off, earned some state consideration times and lead the team in points. I’m really proud of the girls earning another first place team finish. Last year at this meet we barley lost to Newton, so to go out and get the win feels great.”

The Lady Bullpup swimmers will be busy next week as they swim at Newton on Tuesday and then travel to Campus/Haysville on Thursday.

Team Scoring:

Lady Bullpups 580; 2. Newton 566; 3. Salina Central 449; 4. Salina South 296; 5. Manhattan 280; 6. Valley Center 252; 7. Sacred Heart 41.

Lady Bullpups Earning State Consideration Times:

Macie Carlson in the 100 Freestyle; Karik Elliott in the 500 Freestyle; Kaylie Ryan in the 50 Freestyle; Kierstan Trost in the 50 Freestyle.

Lady Bullpup Individual Results:

200 Medley Relay – 1. Lady Bullpups A (Karik Elliott, Kaylie Ryan, Ellie Brumbaugh, Helayna Mader) 2:08.14; 14. Lady Bullpups B (Hope Williams, Zoey Whorton, Kierstan Trost, Marissa Pearcy) 2:09.25

200 Freestyle – 1. Marissa Pearcy 2:21.88; 2. Avery Vanderwege 2:28.82; 4. Helayna Mader 2:32.96.

200 Individual Medley – 4. Katie Stucky 2:40.51; 5. Ellie Brumbaugh 2:42.40; 7. Hope Williams 2:59.93.

50 Freestyle – 2. Kierstan Trost 27.32; 3. Macie Carlson 27.35; 4. Kaylie Ryan 28.35.

100 Butterfly – 1. Macie Carlson 1:08.88; 4. Ashley Moore 1:22.15; 5. Zoe Vontz 1:25.77.

100 Freestyle – 2. Kierstan Trost 59.20; 4. Helayna Mader 1:06.03; 6. Zoey Whorton 1:07.74.

500 Freestyle – 2. Karik Elliott 6:13.42; 4. Avery Vanderwege 7:04.46; 7. Ashley Moore 7:32.29.

200 Freestyle Relay – 2. Lady Bullpups A (Macie Carlson, Kaylie Ryan, Katie Stucky, Kierstan Trost) 1:50.14; 3. Lady Bullpups B (Zoey Whorton, Hope Williams, Ashley Achilles, Avery Vanderwege) 1:58.39.

100 Backstroke – 2. Karik Elliott 1:10.00; 3. Marissa Pearcy 1:10.08; 5. Hope Williams 1:19.03.

100 Breaststroke – 2. Kaylie Ryan 1:20.13; 3. Ellie Brumbaugh 1:22.65; 4. Katie Stucky 1:26.00.

400 Freestyle Relay – 2. Lady Bullpups A (Macie Carlson, Avery Vanderwege, Ellie Brumbaugh, Karik Elliott) 4:19.28; 3. Lady Bullpups B (Katie Stucky, Ashley Achilles, Helayna Mader, Marissa Pearcy) 4:28.85.

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