Last Friday, KSHSAA approved on scheduling preseason football jamborees. On Wednesday morning, McPherson High School announced that it has agreed to play Newton High School and Valley Center beginning on Aug. 31 at 10 a.m. Valley Center will host the Jamboree in the 2019 season and will rotate locations with McPherson and Newton. McPherson will host in 2020, and Newton will be on 2021.
A Jamboree involves three or four teams. Two teams or an additional five teams are not allowed.
The Bullpups finished 11-1 last season as a Class 4A team and made it far in the semifinals.

Here are following rules from KSHSAA:

• Only KSHSAA member high schools may participate in a preseason jamboree.

• A member school is limited to one preseason jamboree date.

• To participate in a preseason jamboree, a member school team must have completed 10 days of practice prior to the preseason jamboree date.

• Each individual player must participate in at least nine days of practice before that individual is permitted to participate in the preseason jamboree.

• A preseason jamboree can be held no earlier than Friday or Saturday of Week 8, so long as all other requirements are met. The 2019 dates are Aug. 30 or 31.

• Participating in a preseason jamboree is optional for member high schools.  (Not required)

•  No school may run more than 36 offensive plays. For example, if the jamboree consists of four teams, then each team can run (12) offensive plays against each of the other three teams.

• Each preaseason jamboree should be divided into sessions. Team A vs Team B and Team C vs Team D is considered one session. Once a session has completed, then a 5-minute rest period is required before starting the next session. The next session will involve Team A vs Team C and Team B vs Team D, etc.

• The rotation of teams and where to run the plays from will be established by the participating head coaches prior to the preseason jamboree beginning.  For example, some plays may be held on the goal line and others from the 40 yard line, etc.

• No kicking or special teams are permitted.

• We recommend schools develop contracts with those schools participating, so all know the details of the preseason jamboree.  Please note: If only one team shows up, the preseason jamboree cannot take place with two teams.

• All NFHS football playing rules shall apply with one exception:  Coaches may be on the field to provide instruction.

• The preseason jamboree shall be officiated by registered KSHSAA football officials.

• Consideration should be given for training of officials at these events.

• Supervision is the responsibility of the host school and all participating schools.

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