HUTCHINSON – It just seemed fitting that the McPherson High School swim team closed out their regular season the way they swam most of it – with near total domination, as they went on the road Tuesday and won the Hutchinson Invitational by finishing 243 points ahead of the next closest team.

The Lady Bullpups rolled up 438.5 team points to easily outdistance second-place Garden City who finished with 195.5. Host Hutchinson placed third with 192 while Dodge City (163), Liberal (134), Hays (99) and Holcomb (79) rounded out the field.

Individually, McPherson scored first-place in six of eleven events, including a double gold by Katie Stucky as she won both the 200 Individual Medley and the 500 Freestyle. Stucky’s time in the 200 IM put her in state meet consideration. Also getting individual firsts were Macie Carlson in the 100 Butterfly and Kierstan Trost swimming the 100 Freestyle while the quartet of Ashley Achilles, Hope Williams, Marissa Pearcy and Trost won the 200 Freestyle Relay and the team of Karik Elliott, Helayna Mader, Kaylie Ryan, and Carlson took first in the 400 Freestyle Relay.

The Lady Bullpups were so dominate that they also placed two out of the top three in six of the eleven events.

“Today was an incredible meet for the girls,” Lady Bullpup Head Coach Abby Bradstreet said. “We got started late due to lightening which is always frustrating having to warm up and then sit around and wait for an hour, but the girls didn’t let that get to them. They came out strong and stayed there the entire meet and we had some amazing swims, personal best times and a new state consideration time. This was one of the girls’ best showings to date for sure. I’m not sure they realize how great that is.”

With the regular season now over, Coach Bradstreet concluded her coach reflections by saying, “Out of the regular season we took first as a team in every meet except one where we took second. However, heading into the League meet it will be a different story. Unfortunately, we will loose all of our co-op girls from Smoky Valley and Moundridge which take our team from 17 swimmers to just nine. Our goal is to keep earning some personal best swims and to qualify the McPherson relays for the State Meet. This will look different for us since we will not have our full team, for if we did, I have no doubt in my mind that we would win the league but the AVCTL will not accept our co-op girls into the league meet. I am so proud of the team and the incredible season they have had.”

The Lady Bullpup swimmers will now have 10 days to prep for the AVCTL meet on Saturday, May 11 in El Dorado before heading to the State Meet the following weekend of May 17-18.

Team Scoring

1. Lady Bullpups, 438.5

2. Garden City, 195.5

3. Hutchinson, 192

4. Dodge City, 163

5. Liberal, 134

6. Hays, 99

7. Holcomb, 79.

Lady Bullpup Individual Results:

200 Medley Relay – 2. Lady Bullpups A (Karik Elliott, Kaylie Ryan, Macie Carlson, Ellie Brumbaugh) 2:06.82; 3. Lady Bullpups B (Marissa Pearcy, Zoey Whorton, Kierstan Trost, Hope Williams) 2:09.27; 6. Lady Bullpups C (Audrey Bailey, Jensen Mierkiewicz, Ashley Moore, Zoe Vontz) 2:23.04.

200 Freestyle – 2. Kierstan Trost 2:11.24; 5. Marissa Pearcy 2:23.65; 6. Helayna Mader 2:24.30.

200 Individual Medley – 1. Katie Stucky 2:38.45*; 2. Ellie Brumbaugh 2:38.76; 3. Jensen Mierkiewicz 2:50.44; 8. Audrey Bailey 3:08.11.

50 Freestyle – 2. Kaylie Ryan 27.93; 6. Macie Carlson 28.64; 8. Avery Vanderwege 29.22; 9. Ashley Achilles 29.43; 10. Hope Williams 29.56.

100 Butterfly – 1. Macie Carlson 1:08.75; 2. Ashley Moore 1:20.63; 3. Ashley Achilles 1:22.12.

100 Freestyle – 1. Kierstan Trost 1:00.08; 4. Karik Elliott 1:01.34; 9. Helayna Mader 1:04.86; 10. Zoey Whorton 1:07.17.

500 Freestyle – 1. Katie Stucky 6:17.92; 2. Marissa Pearcy 6:21.08; 4. Avery Vanderwege 6:51.54.

200 Freestyle Relay – 1. Lady Bullpups A (Ashley Achilles, Hope Williams, Marissa Pearcy, Kierstan Trost) 1:55.44; 3. Lady Bullpups B (Katie Stucky, Zoey Whorton, Helayna Mader, Avery Vanderwege) 1:56.44; 9. Lady Bullpups C (Ashley Moore, Maiah Andrewson, Zoe Vontz, Jensen Mierkiewicz) 2:14.22.

100 Backstroke – 3. Karik Elliott 1:11.41; 4. Zoey Whorton 1:14.27; 5. Hope Williams 1:16.53.

100 Breaststroke – 2. Kaylie Ryan 1:18.27; 3. Ellie Brumbaugh 1:22.64; 8. Jensen Mierkiewicz 1:31.72; 9. Zoe Vontz 1:33.98; 12. Maiah Andrewson 1:38.24.

400 Freestyle Relay – 1. Lady Bullpups A (Karik Elliott, Helayna Mader, Kaylie Ryan, Macie Carlson) 4:12.90; 2. Lady Bullpups B (Katie Stucky, Ashley Achilles, Avery Vanderwege, Ellie Brumbaugh) 4:21.41.

*New State Consideration:

Katie Stucky in the 200 Individual Medley.

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