School is out, and summer has arrived. Children are going to need something to do to stay active. That's why two married couple from Joplin, Missouri decided to have a CrossFit summer camp at Mac-Town Crossfit.

Crossfit is a branded fitness that involves high-intensity training. Some of the workouts include powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and plyometrics. Mac Crossfit is located in West Woodside, discovered by Chad Muehler eight years ago and is run by his wife, Sarah Dahlke Muehler. It has been around six years.

"Crossfit itself is universally scalable," Dahlke Muehler said. "It's something we can use for anyone at every level at any age. I think what sets us apart is activities in a group setting, and so each of our workouts is scaled all to the individual.

So we might have an individual workout one day, and then there might be three or four different variations of that workout, going on a group setting because we work with each person in where they are at and scale particular movements for that individual so they can have a great workout for the day, but also are able to do it within a group setting, then get that comradery and stuff in the class."

Dahlke Muehler has experience working with children as she was a former P.E. teacher in home school groups. She wanted to have more kids to learn CrossFit at an early age before reaching high school.

"We always been active trying to get kids involved and stuff, but this is our first time we actually a couple of different camps," she said."We just focus on proper movement patterns and learning good habits at that age. We're not concerned necessarily with how much anyone can lift, especially with that age. It is much more about how they are lifting and making sure they are doing well and safely. It's good to catch kids at that age because we can catch them before they have bad habits.

The summer camp will begin on June 4. It will have three sessions in a day. First one will be for 13 and older, which will start at 9:30 a.m. Next will be at 10:15 a.m. for the children between the ages of 6-12, and the last session, which is called Learning to Lift Camp, will be for future fifth and sixth graders.

"Our goal with that is to teach proper etiquette and safety, good mechanics and techniques for the kids before they get into SPS (speed, power, strength) years in the middle schools and high schools, so they have a good base foundation movement and understanding how to lift properly," Dahlke Muehler explained about Learning to Lift Camp."

For more information about Mac-Town Crossfit summer camp, or if you like to become a member go its Facebook page or on its website

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