The McPherson City Football Club held its 16th annual 3 v 3 tournament last Saturday at the Grant Complex. With a total of 66 soccer teams, 10 from McPherson claimed the championship title led by MKU, and are the Great Plains Federal Credit Union Team of the Week, presented by the McPherson Sentinel.

MKU is the team from the high school level of the MCFC. They beat out teams from Salina South, Great Bend and Newton to get the first-place victory during the tournament. The Head Coach of the MKU boys and President of MCFC credited his players on the performance of his players last weekend.

"I thought they played well. Their combination play was good, and their ability to move the ball to defend 1 v 1," Hoxie said. "That's really the key when you are playing 3 v 3. You can compete in one-on-one, and you have to win your one-on-ones with the ball, and these guys have been training with me since they were nine, and it's a key part in what we do."

Hoxie broke down the difference between 3 v 3 and a regular 11-on-11. Learning and playing on 3 v 3 helps the soccer players develop into an all-around soccer player.

"All the players have to be responsible with the ball. It's really awesome on that way because the kids get maximum touches," Hoxie said. "There is no hiding players. They can't hide from a player out there, and everyone got to be good on the ball, and everyone has to defend. In 11-on-11, you have certain players that really just primarily defends, and certain players that primarily attacks. In 3 v 3, every player has to defend and has to attack. It's a good opportunity for all the kids to showcase their complete package."

The MCFC Academy develops the skill sets to potential soccer players for children at any age. Hoxie encourages the youths, who are interested in soccer, to join the club. There are levels for each group that could start as early as four years old. As the kids get older, the more experience gained by grade level.

"With our club, we want to get the kids in—six years old, five years old at our academy," Hoxie said. "These are the building blocks of their career, and they just continue to progress through different stages.

All week MCFC have been at Central Christian College for its Victory Camp. The club continues to train and compete in tournaments all summer long until the start of the school year. The players also get the chance to travel to different showcases with the hope of getting recruited by college teams.

For more information, you can log in at or follow its Facebook page.

On the bottom are the two finishers from the 3 v 3 tournament.

Top two placers:

• U8 Boys — 1. Azzurri Blue. 2. MCFC White.

• U9 Boys — 1. Maddox 35. 2. Azzurri Blue.

• U10 Boys — 1. Azzurri Blue. 2. Atlas White.

• U11 Boys — 1. MCFC White. 2. MCFC Red.

• U12 Boys — 1. Salina Shockers. 2. Salina United.

• U13 Boys — 1. MCFC The End Game. 2. MCFC-Hoxie.

• U14 Boys — 1. Azzurri Blue. 2. ICT Blue Devils.

• HS Boys — 1. MKU. 2. Black Unicorns.

• U8 Girls – 1. Wichita United. 2. Azzurri Gray.

• U9 Girls — 1. Azzurri Gray. 2. MCFC Red.

• U10 Girls — 1. 09 Jaguars SC. 2. Goal Diggers.

• U11 Girls — 1. Wichita Warriors. 2. TSC Thunderbolts.

• U12 Girls — 1. Abejas. 2. MCFC Hot Shots.

• U13 Girls — 1. Colorful Quad. 2. MCFC-Alt De-Cleat.

• U14 Girls — 1. MCFC-TMNT. 2. Abejas.

• U-15 Girls — 1. Abejas. 2. MCFC-Sharpshooters.

• High School Girls — 1. MKU. 2. Coo-gers.

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