As we reach closer to Father's Day, we continue a Q & A session with coaches who are also full-time dads. Ben Elliott of Smoky Valley High School. Elliott is the head coach of the wrestling team and assistant coach for the football team. Get to know Elliott.

1.Q. How Long you've been coaching?

A. 22 years

2. Q. How many kids you have?

A. Four Children

3. Q. What do you enjoy about being a coach and a father?

A. The time you get to spend with them.

4. Q. What were the challenges you had to overcome of balancing being a coach and being a dad?

A. Make sure I wear the right hat at the right time. Leave the coaching at practice and be a dad at home.

It is hard for your kids to separate coach from dad.

5. Q. What are your favorite moments as a dad and a coach?

A. I love to sit down to dinner with my kids. Competing in the playoffs in football and state wrestling.

6. Q. How long you've been married?

A. 24 years

7. Q. How does your wife play a role in keeping the family together?

A. My wife is the glue that holds everything together. I couldn't do what I do without her.

8. Q. What advice would you give to the young coaches who are about to be fathers in the near future?

A. Don't let a sport ruin your relationship with your kids. Make them your first priority.

Are you a coach, and a father and want to participate in the Q & A question?

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