Father's Day is around the corner, so it's only right to recognize all the fathers in McPherson County who are full-time coaches while being full-time dads. That is not an easy task, so we asked a ton of coaches and made a Q & A session about their experiences as a coach, and a father.

We start with Heath Gerstner, head coach of the McPherson High School baseball team and wide receiver coach for the football team.

1. Q: How Long you've been coaching?

A. Eight years

2. Q. How many kids you have?

A. Two kids (Joelle is almost 3, and Jax is 1)

3. Q. What do you enjoy the most about being a coach and father?

A. Coaching and being a father are very similar. Both require a great deal of responsibility. They both require very hard work, but also so rewarding. As a coach, the most rewarding thing has been for my guys is to go off to college or job force and be successful. Some of them are getting married or having kids of their own, and that means a great deal to me.

4. Q. What were the challenges you had to overcome of balancing being a coach and being a dad?

A. Well first and foremost, when you get home from practice, those kids are excited to see you and you have to find the energy to pour into them. You have to be intentional with your time. I am far from perfect, but working on it.

5. Q. What are your favorite moments as a dad and a coach?

A. Just hearing my daughter say.. "I want to go to a baseball game" is pretty special.

6. Q. How long you've been married?

A. We have been married for four years.

7. Q. How does your wife play a role in keeping the family together?

A. Shelley (wife) holds it all together for our family. She is truly one of a kind and keeps the family going. She sacrifices so much as a coach's wife and rarely gets a thank you.

8. Q. What advice would you give to young coaches who are about to be fathers in the near future?

A. I still consider myself young, but most importantly keep family first. Be intentional with your time. Try not to take coaching home with you as your kids don't care if you win or lose. I am preaching to myself here.

Are you a coach, and a father and want to participate in the Q & A question?

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