Friday night at the Light Capital Diamond was full of competition, popcorn and a doubleheader matchup between the McPherson Pipeliners, and the Clearwater Outlaws. The Pipeliners won the first game 14-10 and lost the second game 9-0, making their record to 7-13.
In game one, Rey Lazano set the tone by hitting a double that scored three runs. Aaron Eshelman hit a three-run homer that brought momentum to the game. By the sixth inning, the Pipeliners were up 12-2.
Memo Espinoza pitched the first six innings with five strikeouts and nine runs given away. Austin Jentzsch replaced the pitcher at the top of the seventh inning. Jentzsch gave up three runs, and after striking out a batter, the game ended.
”Game one offense jumped out amazingly,” Head Coach Chris Dawson said.”We got six quality innings. I was pleased with Memo’s pitching. The seventh inning was hard, but we pulled it out. If we play like that offensively, we will do better.”
Game two did not go as planned for the Pipeliners as they did not get any runs against the Outlaws. Pitcher Trevor Lunkwitz struck out batters leading into the second inning. By the third inning, Jentzsch replaced Lunkwitz from the bullpen. He had 19 balls and eight strikes, giving away five runs. CJ Cecil came in for Jentzsch during the top of the third, and he had eight balls, four strikeouts.
The Pipeliners had five errors after the fifth innings. The game ended due to the incoming storms.
“The second game was something we can learn and get better from,” Dawson said. “I think the seventh inning of the first game gave them more momentum. We will do better.”
The Pipeliners play the Park City Rangers on the road on Saturday at 7 p.m.