The weather and atmosphere could not have been any perfect for a baseball game in late June. However, the McPherson Pipeliners struggled from the start in Monday's 15-5 blowout against the Clearwater Outlaws.

Carter Hohn started on the mound. He pitched three innings and finished with two strikeouts, six hits and three walks. Austin Jentzsch relieved Hohn in the third inning.

The Pipeliners struggled on offense and failed to get on the board until the sixth inning.

One positive that came out of Monday's game was the introduction of a right-handed pitcher, Nao Fukuda from New Zealand. Fukuda pitched two innings, giving up four runs and no strikeouts.

The Outlaws proved to be too much for the Pipeliners on offense. They outhit the Pipeliners 11-5.

A longtime baseball fan, Robin Eshelman had some words of advice for the Pipeliners.

"I've been around baseball for a long time," Eshelman said. "If I could give them some encouragement, I would tell them to keep their heads up and keep working hard."

The Pipeliners will have another chance at the Clearwater Outlaws at home on Tuesday at 7 p.m.