Tuesday night was the end of the long stretch series of games against the Clearwater Outlaws.

Pipeliners battled the Clearwater Outlaws and fell 12-2.

Jordon Bolt-Jackson pitched all the way through of the bottom of the sixth. He had 11 strikeouts and 10 walks.

"He can be really good. He just has to learn how to attack the zone," Pipeliners Head Coach Chris Dawson said about Bolt-Jackson's performance. "Hats off to him. We threw him a couple of more innings than we wanted to and he gave us five and some change."

At the beginning of the game, the Outlaws had a Sac fly RBI double play, giving them two runs. The Pipeliners did not have much action at bat early in the game. The Outlaws hit a three-run homer in the top of the third. During the third, Joshua Clyden had a great catch in the center field from the line drive of the Outlaw batter.

The Outlaws scored five runs at the bottom of the sixth, and Roger Viloria replaced Bolt-Jackson for the Pipeliners. Shortly after the inning, Frank Yackovich was subbed in to be a pitcher. He had three walks. There was a transition of pitchers once more when Rey Lazano came in to throw. Overall, Lazano had two walks.

In total, the Outlaws had four hits but scored twelve. The number of runs scored had much to do with the walks given up by the Pipeliner pitchers. The Pipeliners had five hits total for the night, and Julian Hunt was 3-or-4 at the plate. The Outlaws had three errors while the Pipeliners had none. There were aspects of the game where the Pipeliners outperformed the Outlaws, but fell short when it came to performing offensively and pitching.

"We need to regroup. The Little Liners camp might be the spark that we may need," Dawson said. However, we have got to find the spark for these next couple of days. I think losing in Augusta really kicked us in the gut, and we lost that spark we had. We have got to regain what we had at the beginning of the year. Hopefully helping the kids at the camp will remind these guys what it really means to love the game again."

The Pipeliners will host the Kansas Curve on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Light Capital Diamond.