After being on the road for the last 13 days, the McPherson High School boys soccer team were full of energy on Tuesday's 10-0 over Mulvane High School. Enough that not even an inclement weather couldn't stop the Bullpups, or if it pushed back the kickoff time an hour early.

"We came out ready to go," Bullpups Head Coach Chris Adrian said. "These guys were ready and excited about this game. You can see in our warm-ups that finishing wasn't going to be a problem. They just had an extra bounce in their step, and it showed we came out all over them at the start."

The first half was one-sided as the Bullpups recorded 20 shots on goal, collecting seven before the clock expired. Britton Haigh recorded his first hat trick of the season. Jael Jamie, who scored one goal of the evening, had a hat-trick of his own, but it was in the assist category. Two of Haigh' three goals were off Jamie's assists. It was the breakout game Adrian needed from both Haigh and Jamie in the second half of the season.

"Obviously against different teams, you're not going to get three a game, but he needs to be a threat to be able to play that type of ball he did today several times," Adrian said about Jamie's three assists performance.

Trent Stecklein and Samy Jamie set the tone with the first two goals in less than six minutes. Drew Schrader was on the verge of his third hat trick of the year but had to settle for two goals instead. Cody Achilles and Caden Hardgrave's final two goals ended the match midway through the second half.

The Bullpups improved to 7-1 of the season. They have a tough challenge coming their way on Thursday as they travel to face Andover Central High School at 7:30 p.m. The Jaguars, who have not given up a goal this season, defeated Maize High School 1-0 in a lightning shortened match.

"We have been playing some good competition and at a high level, and I know we can play a whole lot better, Adrian said. That's our goal for the second half of the season. It is to make sure we make those jumps to get to play at our potential."

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