There's nothing like giving a history lesson about what made McPherson a historic basketball town, and Andrew Maraniss' new book will shine the light on that.

Maraniss stops by McPherson to promote his new book, "Game of Deception," on Tuesday. Driving in from Nashville, Tennessee, the New York Times' bestselling author will be visiting local schools and venues all day before he travels to Lawrence and the Kansas City areas.

"Game of Deception" is a true story about the creation of Olympic basketball in 1936 and how six members hailed from McPherson represented their U.S country in Berlin, Germany during the Nazi era and became gold medalist, enhancing the name "The Global Refiners."
Maraniss has written sports-related books over the years. One of his most notable books includes "Strong Inside," which received high honors and recognition after it was released. Maraniss is a visiting author at Vanderbilt University Athletics and a contributor to ESPN's The
He has appeared on several national media programs, including NPR's All Things Considered and Only A Game, NBC's Meet The Press, MSNBC's Morning Joe, ESPN's Keith Olbermann Show, ESPN Radio's The Sporting Life, and the SEC Network's Paul Finebaum Show.
Maraniss, born in Madison, Wisconsin, but grew up mostly in Washington, D.C, is the son of David Maraniss, a Pulitzer Prize-winner and bestselling author in his own right.
We will have more information as the story updates.

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