On Thursday evening, the Kansas State High School Athletic Association made the decision to cancel the remaining state basketball tournaments.

According to assistant executive director Mark Lentz, the vote from the executive board was unanimous given all of the recommendations and timing.

"We wanted every team to have the opportunity to play at least one game," Lentz said.

The decision comes late into the evening when states from around Kansas made their choices. Nebraska and Missouri are continuing their tournaments with modifications heading into their final days.

"We knew it was escalating within our own state," Lentz said. "We truly wanted to wait for the governor to make our decision."

Gov. Laura Kelly declared a state of emergency for the state just after 6:30 p.m. after a Wyandotte County man died from COVID-19.

"Because of the start of the day the documented cases were pretty low," Lentz said. "I think we have done a good job of weigh all of our options before making a rash decision."

There has no been determination on spring activities as those decisions are made at the district level. Lentz gave no indication for the KSHSAA-sponsored spring championships.

"It’s not fun," Lentz said. "No one enjoys having to do this because every kid wants the opportunity to play for a state championship."