Traffic Tip Tuesday – Steady Red Indication

Temri Vogt
McPherson Police Dept.
Red Light

Today’s Traffic Topic is on Steady Red Indication or as most of us know it as the longest light ever, you know…the one we always get stuck at… The Red Light! Sometimes we are in a hurry to get home, to work or an event;

But you should know, in brief, the Standard Traffic Ordinance 13( c)(1) states any traffic facing the round red light, or the red arrow light shall stop at a clearly marked stop line -It’s the big thick white line painted on the ground.

If there is not a stop line STOP prior to entering the crosswalk.

If there is no crosswalk STOP before the intersection and remain stopped until the light turns green.

After stopping, unless there’s a sign prohibiting a turn, traffic facing the red light may cautiously enter the intersection to make a right turn.

Make sure to yield to the right-of-way to any vehicle or pedestrians in the intersection or vehicle approaching on another roadway. We do not want you or anyone else in a collision!

Don’t be that person. Remember green means go, red means stop!

For more information:

2020-STO-COMBINED ( Sec. 13