Kernodle, Byers to highlight overlap in Red Barn residency

Special to The Sentinel

Lindsey Kernodle and Heather Byers are the Red Barn's Artists-in-Residence from April 6-11. 

With differing styles, they overlap in that “. . . we both use portraiture and plant/animal images in our work,” Byers said, and “. . . she and I overlap in our subject matter and how we layer people, plants, architecture and animals in our pieces. We especially overlap in our love for plant-life.”

Kernodle intends to create pieces, using acrylic or woodburning, that reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has changed society.

“My concept is to use overlapping images of people and place to show the before and after of this transformative time for our planet,” Byers said, having spent most of 2020 focused on large murals and public art.

 “I think a residency would be a fantastic opportunity to take a break from the bigger, louder pieces and really focus on technique by working smaller,” Byers said.

"Pandemic Normalcy #1" by Lindsay Kernodle.