McPherson mayoral candidate forum scheduled

Chad Frey

Mayoral Candidate Forum

“I VOTED” stickers lie on a table.

There will be a McPherson mayoral candidate forum at 7 p.m. Sept. 16 at  Kansas Municipal Utilities, 2090 East Ave. A., McPherson.

The Civic Awareness Committee of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Mayoral Candidate Forum , an opportunity for the community to hear directly from the candidates.

The City of McPherson mayoral candidates, Tom Brown and Luke Aichele, have both confirmed their attendance. The public is invited to attend.

The format will be question-and-answer as opposed to debate. Attendees will have the opportunity upon arrival and during the forum to submit questions for the candidates. All questions from the audience will be screened for duplication, legibility, and suitability for both candidates. The candidates will draw numbers to determine who will speak first, and both candidates will have 3 minutes for an opening statement. Candidates will then address the submitted questions, taking turns on answering first.  Each candidate will also be given the opportunity for a 2-minute closing statement.

For those unable to attend, the McPherson Chamber of Commerce has partnered with McPherson Radio to broadcast the Mayoral Candidate Forum live on FM 96.7 KBBE. The forum will also be available on the McPherson Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page. Questions will not be monitored on Facebook during the forum.

The voter registration deadline for the election is Oct. 12.  Advance Voting Begins- October 13. General Election Day- November 2, 2021