Letter to the editor: Never Trumper wanted him to succeed

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

Yes, I am a “Never Trumper.” However, I didn’t want him to fail. When the president fails, my country fails and I fail.

This pandemic was Trump’s chance to shine. He was warned: it’s coming our way. Media hype, he said. People got sick, and some of them died. Oh well, said Trump. It’s going away soon.

The numbers grew. Not my problem, said the Mighty Trump. Let the governors do their thing. They did, but Trump then undermined those who didn’t do it his way. What was his way? Hard to tell. The stock market didn’t like the virus. It’s the Democrats’ fault, said the man. They’re trying to make me look bad.

It was hard on the states. They had to compete for scarce resources. By now, it was Obama’s fault. He had a pandemic response team in place all for the new president’s taking. I can’t use that, opined President Trump. So the wise one disbanded the team.

I really wanted Trump to do this right. If he did, he wouldn’t lose his loyal base and might have picked up some “normal” people who also want to go to bars. Instead, the self-proclaimed victim chose to pit “his people” against everybody else.

All I ask is that they confine themselves to each other. Make each other sick. I have the right to be well and don’t need unmasked bandits stealing my life.

So, please, Always Trumpers, try to see us for what we are: People who simply want things to be OK.

Terry Larson, Topeka