Letter to the editor: Virus isn’t a hoax

Staff Writer
Topeka Capital-Journal

To those who believe this is true, what will your excuse be if it continues after the election? I am reminded of those who were told the world was coming to an end on a certain day and were to sell or give away all they owned, go to a certain site and wait to be delivered. When the ship failed to arrive and the world did not come to an end, what then?

If this is all a Democrat hoax, then apparently Trump faked being infected (as did others in his circle) for what reason?

As to flu deaths compared to COVID-19 deaths — none of the medical people I have talked to do anything but laugh at this claim. Flu shots and years of dealing with the flu have helped to at least keep it under control. Do people die from the flu? Sure.

Will close to 300,000 or more die from the flu this year? Not likely but of course since you seem to believe doctors, medical personal, scientists and multiple government agencies are all lying and covering up, at least until after the election you can cling to that belief.

One of the great things about America is we are allowed to think for ourselves and as long as we don't endanger others, act as we want. We are down to only a couple of weeks before all votes are counted so we can cut loose and forget this joke of a virus, or ...

JM Leas, Hays