Keep flies away with these great life hacks

Keep flies away by:

1. Keeping up on the housework. Flies are attracted to garbage and animal feces, so keep a clean kitchen (especially the sink, as they may try to breed in the drain), take the garbage out, and stay on top of the kitty litter box.
2. Keeping your yard spick and span. Decaying plants and produce are a great way to attract flies, and standing pools of water are great places for flies to breed.
3. Growing a basil plant — they ward off flies. So do cinnamon and cloves.
4. Making an anti-fly solution with 3 to 4 fresh cayenne peppers and 3 to 4 cups of water. Spray garbage cans, drains, ceilings, moist areas or anywhere else those pesky little guys like to hang out.
5. Putting a little oscillating fan on your kitchen counter — they won’t fly somewhere with so much wind resistance.
6. Growing some insect-repelling plants like lavender, geraniums or eucalyptus.
— Cook’n